Otome Games: Is It Love? Ryan App Reviews

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I probably should have read reviews before trying to get into it. I’ll definitely be deleting the app. They give you a set amount of energy every day 300, and every sentence you read is worth 10 points so you get 30 sentences a day. 😐 then they want you to buy energy, and still charge 10 per sentence. The app won’t even show me the prices of the energy, but I’m sure it’s ridiculous. Be aware it’s a money scam.


Okay. So. I haven’t even played this app yet. And I’m only writing a review on it rn cause I’m bored. And I am waiting for it to download. Any body know how to use the daily energy boost and increase my energy level?? 😁


Doesn’t even give me my tapjoy offer also gets you very little of the story for like 600 energy

Very hard to read without spending money

The story line is interesting and the first intro part is great but once you need to get more coins you either wait a whole day for 300 or you buy more. 300 gets you nowhere in the story! I won’t buy coins because I don’t think they will get me far enough to be satisfied, I can only guess it would cost over $50 or more to get through the story in a setting. There are other choose your way apps that give you coins faster or gives you more reading for the coins you get. I’m thinking of removing before the story is over, it’s that painful to wait for such a little amount of story.

My love and hate

I love this game and I hate this game.... I know an oxymoron, but let me explain I love the story base but some parts of the story don’t make sense. If her family died in an airplane crash why is she not freaking out on the airplane to Houston??? Instead she goes to sleep and stays calm??? Another thing she studied in Europe but does it speak another language or doesn’t give you an option???? Loves to cook but never writes about it in her logs just about her job , like a Journal!! The other thing only getting 450 a day to play for free and that barely get you anywhere, I spent 200 dollars playing on this game alone not counting what I spent playing the other games by this developer please make it cheaper.... 😢 We also need a Ryan 2 with more twist and turns along with them getting married. Please

Generally, it’s cute

Over all it’s cute. But costly and slow. 24 hours for the energy refill. There is a mini game you play once a day and a video here and there where you can earn some additional energy but since the story takes so long to progress, you burn through it during the draggy parts. Sure you can purchase and I took advantage of the new comer deal, but refuse to buy more since it seems wasted to read dry conversations and getting kicked out of the hidden scenes because I didn’t have the energy to continue. I will be deleting this app since waiting a full day for a read the equivalent of a half a page in a regular book make this more of an afterthought game and I have candy crush for that kind of time filling boredom. Side note. I was never credited for watching the videos several times and there are additional offers given with the mini game that I complete and was again not credited for. I attempted to sent a msg to support, but it was rejected for who knows what reason. So be warned, there maybe an issue there.

Terrible writing, geared to make you spend $$

Just go buy yourself some romance manga; the writing in these is really bad, and you can only advance about 1/4 of a chapter on the action points they give you in 24 hours.

Energy what energy

First it should not use 10 energy to read one sentence....that’s stupid! I can only play for 10~15 mins every 24 hours because that’s the only time you get energy and the dialogue definitely isn’t worth me spending real money to get energy. Someone should really rethink the energy issue I am going to end up deleting the game because it is super annoying having it on my iPad and not being able to play it.

Not enough energy

They don’t give you enough energy... you have to wait a whole day before you get 300 energy and don’t even get me started on the mini bonus game...the glitches you have to deal with just to get them is unbelievable... the story is interesting but with only 5 minutes or less of game play and several weeks of playing and you still in the same chapter is ridiculous.

Cuando sale la 2 temporada?

Amooo demasiado este juego 😻😻 but lo único malo es esperar para que me den energías cuando quiero seguir avanzando y así. Cuando saldrá la 2temporada porque ya llegue al final y quiero seguir jugando

Why would anyone purchase to read this book?

Loads of ads that don’t give energy and when they do it’s 10 credits only out of 300, but ONE tap is worth 10 credits. So you only get ONE second of reading before it tells you to “come back tomorrow,” but when you do return, it’s still not loaded. I also watched two videos (full ads!!) for literally nothing and it’s such a money hungry app it’s literally disgusting. I was so grossed out by the system of this app that I just uninstalled it the very next day.


It has a good story but it’s annoying because you read a couple sentences and then you have to wait a day to be able to read a couple more sentences.


I love the game and the story line to it. I would love to see more games like this

I didn’t put 5 starts because..

The only reason I didn’t give this app 5 stars is the energy limit everyday. I get that as a growing app the developers need to get paid for their hard work as well, but you go through energy so fast that I play the game for maybe 10 minutes (most of those trying to get the max energies out of the mini game) and then I wait until the next day to start again.. it’s just kind of a bummer! Usually with games that take this long to play I lose interest pretty fast. I did buy the $9.99 pack they offer you in the beginning because I do enjoy supporting the developers but I personally can’t afford to play this fame to the extent that will keep me interested in it. I wish there were other options such as watching ads for energy (which there is but you can only earn 20 every 8 hours which only covers 2 chat bubbles). The story is great, and I do enjoy playing just wish you’d give more options as to gaining energy for free. I also saw in a previous review that the ending is bad but I haven’t gotten that far yet and hope it’s not that disappointing!!

Short play time

I rarely take the time to right negative reviews, I usually just delete and move on. This game is ridiculous though. The story line is “okay” but you get about 3 minutes worth of story every 24 hours. No thanks.

Just give me a flat rate

I’m not spending $100 to play a game. $10 for the full game seems reasonable. Anything else is getting ridiculous. Deleting!

is it worth the wait?

I’ve played this game for a month or two and I still haven’t finished the story yet. I don’t even think that I’m halfway through because there’s no progress of love yet. I dislike how it makes me wait a whole day just to receive 300 points and it runs out pretty quick. I’ve payed for some but I stopped because it ran out so quick. I get tired of waiting and eventually I stopped playing for awhile. Instead of giving 300 points for each tap, try to change it 5 points or so, each point is for a whole chapter. I really like the plot so far. It’s not bad but I just don’t enjoy the long wait.

The energy kills the entire game

I downloaded this app because of all the positive reviews: fun to play, good story line... etc. I started playing it and it was great on day one because they give you a bunch of energy to get started. When I ran out, fine, not big deal. Tomorrow is a new day. When I checked my phone it was 10 am and no new energy. Fine some games wait till noon. Then noon come and goes, then 3 pm then 6 pm... still nothing. FINALLY, I get more energy to play and I play for about 45 seconds and I am out again... so now I L done until the next day?! Ridiculous. I even played the mini game and watched a video to get more energy. I really wanted to like this game and give it support but I don’t. First of all, even when you don’t make a choice it costs you energy... so it costs energy just to ready the script. What a rip off! Second of all each tap to read the next section costs 10 energy. Are you serious?! Literally takes you less than a minute to play everyday. This is a HUGE trap to get you to spend money. I’m sorry but no. This needs a lot of work to be decent. Do “t get this based on the ratings alone, some of them aren’t real and are a marketing ploy. I sadly had to delete this game after a day.

Too long, too much

I’ve only began one story, and I really like the story line. However, the wait for your 300 daily points, 20 energy points for watching a video, and however many point you win for playing the mini game is way too long. Plus, the game is too expensive. I receive 20 energy points and got to read only 2 pages. I also bought the $49.99 energy package and didn’t even get to read an entire chapter. I deleted the app., which is too bad because it could be a great app. Go to Amazon and buy a “choose your own path” book. That way if you want to replay a chapter, it cost nothing, plus you can read as long as you like.


I love the story line but the energy is ridiculous. You get 300 energy points a day which last probably a good 2-5 minutes. I end up buying $10 worth of energy (10,000 points) the first day so I can actually play the game and it was great until I had no more energy after 40 minutes (I was waiting at the airport and I had time.) Never got my 300 energy point the second day so I bought another $10. It seems the longer you play the faster the energy goes bye-bye. Better off writing a book or a comic that I can actually just read the whole story.

Great story but little energy

I love the story! It’s great, but I wish you didn’t have to depend on the energy so much to read. It goes by quickly and it’s annoying. I wish it allowed more time to read with the energy you wait all day for. I loved the story and got through it, and I hope the second season comes soon! But hopefully they’ll fix this energy problem.

When is episode 2 coming?

I haven’t finished the story just yet but I wanna if/ when episode two is coming! I can’t get enough of the Ryan character. UPDATE: I finally finished the story and yes there is a happy ending! I seem to be the only one whose gotten it. I don’t want to spoil the ending so I’m going to give vague details. It’s a happy ending but not the greatest. Still an amazing story to read.

Not worth it

It’s fun but the energy levels go fast and it makes you not want to play since you’d have buy it every day in order to. I deleted it

Not really worth it...

I am seriously in love with this story but it takes too long to get energy. Also whenever you get energy you end up getting rid of it way too fast. It ends up getting boring just waiting. But if you pay for energy it lasts for quite awhile even though you do have to pay for reading only a couple of lines. In all this game would be wayyyyy better if there was no energy at all. The wait is way too long just to only get a small amount of energy.


I really love this game but when it comes to a secret scene they say I have to purchase it


The amount of energy you need to play these scenes are ridiculous 10 points PER SENTENCE? Are you kidding me? I’m not spending money on this. Just download Episodes instead! The energy lasts longer in that game and I’ve actually purchased energy in their game and it lasts so long! I downloaded this game because the ads looked good but it will take me a week to read one chapter. No thank you! Back to Episodes App I go!!

Too long wait play so little

First of, I love this game and the storyline. It is very addicting at the beginning but the more you play, it got a bit boring for me. You wait all day for that 300 points then you play the mini game which adds like another 150 points. But then when you play, each tap is worth 10 points. Meaning you wait all day for 450 points not including the ads that you have to watch that’s worth 20-30 points, and you finish all of those points maybe less than 5 minutes and you wait again. The waiting and playing was exciting at the beginning but after days to weeks to months, it got boring. The only way you can probably get excited at finishing is if you pay them for those points which finishes quickly the more you tap. To be honest, I did pay some but I noticed that it’s not really worth it and the 10 points deduction I think is a bit too much. If you give us 450 then 1 point each, then it would probably be more fun. Anyways I finished this game and the ending did disappoint me. Supposed to have a 2nd season so we’ll see if that’s even better. If not, I guess I’ll have to find another game that’s actually worth playing. Not just money money money.. I was going to put 5 stars because of the storyline but the ending disappointed me plus the waiting and eating up points... still nice and put 3..


It literally charged me more than it said the price to be. Unacceptable

Love the games

I love playing the Ryan game and the matt game! Both are super addictive and interesting. But I’m a bit sadden that all the energies are used up so quickly. Coming into this game I thought it would be like 10 energies per chapter. And also having to wait like a whole day for the energy to refill is quite long. Be better if it was refilled every 30 minutes or maybe every hour to get full energy again.


First I want to say is this game is GREAT!!!!😁I love it the characters are funny🤣the drama is amazing🙂But I believe that you should make the energy’s recharge more quickly because most people I have to wait a whole day for their energy to recharge☹️But other than that problem I command EVERYONE TO PLAY THIS AMAZING GAME!!!!😎

need part 2

great story...i want part 2...or at least a movie...


Good app

I'm officially obsessed

I love this series and I'm just itching for new chapters! Keep doing such a great job and I will keep coming back for more.

Great story but way to expensive.

I love the story. It’s very easy to get into. Well written and few grammatical errors but you will go through you energy SO fast. I bought the newbie back at 10$ for 10k in energy and barely made it through a chapter before running out of energy. It’s 10 for every tap to progress the story. Seems like a huge money grab. Also it’s too hard to get the special scenes and if you think you’re making the right choices you’re wrong. If you don’t choose correctly it’s 2$ to buy it or lose it and have to play the cheaper again. Only getting 300 energy for free a day is a joke. It’s literally only 30 lines of text. I would love to finish the story but I just made it to chapter 3 and it’s just not worth hundreds of dollars.

Really getting hooked

I’m getting so hooked on these “Is it love” otomes!

They done really good job

I love playing is it love game they do a really good job on the character of them

How do u save?

Ummm...I might have wrote this because I don’t know how to save BUT OVERALL THIS IS A GOOD GAME it’s that I always lose the place I was at and I use my energy every time to just REPLAY the chapter again so it makes no difference IT JUST STAYS THERE

Too expensive

It takes A LOT of credits to go through the story. 30 credits only last for a couple decisions so you have to purchase a TON of credits and spend over $100 to play through the whole story. It would be great if it weren’t so expensive and if they gave more ways to earn free credits. It’s well written and has great artwork so it’s really a shame and a waste it’s so expensive. I’ll be deleting and playing my other story apps that are just as good, but much more affordable and even free as the other ones give lots of credits for just watching ads. I’m not wasting $100+ just to read a book. I’d love to redownload and update this review though if this issue gets resolved in the future. Thanks!

Loved this

I can not wait until more chapters are ready. Remind me so much like fifty shades but more mild.


Like the stories. Very intriguing. I'll keep reading. Maybe you will too 😉🤓😃

Good concept

I recently downloaded each of these games. The art style, and story is good. I’m hearing from other reviewers that there are sound effects, but maybe you need earphones for those. The main downside to these unfortunately like everyone says os the energy it takes. Few ideas. 1 instead of a sentence costing energy, block them in segments. End on cliffhangers if you really want people to buy energy. Not just the next normal thing to say. This would also help people remember what was going on the next day, if they choose not to. 2 more videos 3 more chances at the mini game 4 supply and demand evaluation of the energy potions. I think you will find that by decreasing the price, you will get far more customers buying them. For example.. $10x600 a day $6,000 I believe halving the price would more double the second number. I bet every dollar down would be like an exponent to that current rate. Maybe not as dramatic, but still. $9-700, $8-850, $7-1,050, $6-1,300, $5-1,600 $5x1,600=40,900 That with the additional adds would pull in much greater revenue for you. Also the Ryan story might be a little hot for 12 year olds. 21 and if I had a daughter I’d hate to catch her reading that first secret scene before she was 16. Probably going to put this on each of them..

I love this game

Like be it love it love it


I love the storyline, the characters and everything else. A little too expensive though. I give it two thumbs up



Read first.

Truthfully this game is good but is outweighed by the bad. First you get maybe 5 minutes of continuous reading and than have to wait one day, if you’re lucky. I’ve had to wait two days. Next why wait when there the app called episode where you could find a story about falling in love with your boss and you can ready it a lot more than this app lets you. Also in that app you get multiple refills on your pass in a day to read more rather than waiting a day or two.


50 shade of gray to much dont like it

Love it

Keeps you wanting more 😍

Waaaay to expensive

So I happen to totally love this story, it’s great. Very few grammar issues, and the characters are something that I can relate too. But, the fact is that I cannot seem to get over the fact that 300 points a day gets me maybe 5 minutes. For a while I couldn’t understand why my points were going so fast, then I realized that it’s 10 points or more per sentence. So you tend to go nowhere super fast. Which means if you actually spend money on this game, you get maybe another 10 minutes? Who has that kind of money to waste? I will admit that I’ve downloaded the other stories and I haven’t finished any of them, besides this one. Partly because I wanted to see how much money it would take. $150 and three days later I’m teller you all that it was a good story, and 100% not worth it. I feel sad because I want to continue reading this particular story, but I know I never will, unless this whole system changes. But what can you do? It’s not like these reviews actually do anything.

It wouldn’t give me energy

I used up all my energy the first day and waited A WHOLE DAY and it STILL. Wouldn’t give me energy like it said it would. VERY disappointed and angry.

Good game

I like the game. Never thought I would actually get it, now I'm hooked.

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